.:. Quotations .:.

Brygg Ullmer & Hiroshi Ishii

« [...] tangible interfaces give physical form to digital information, employing physical artifacts both as representations and controls for computational media. »

Donald Norman

« [...] people would be better served if we would return to control through physical objects, to real knobs, sliders, buttons, to simpler, more concrete objects and actions. »

Morten Fjeld

« The aids offered by a tool have been conceived of by Gibson [5] in terms of affordances. For example, a pencil is held in such a way that it fits the hand, ignoring less appropriate ways that it might be grasped. "The pencil affords being held in this way as a result of its length, width, weight, and texture, all with respect to the size, configuration, and musculature of our hand" [9].»

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