.:. Tangible & Tabletops .:.

Surfaces : Horizontal (H), Vertical (V)
Technos : Capteurs Electro-Magnétiques (EM), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Vision par ordinateur (V), Scanner (S)
Type : Tabletop (TT), Workbench (W)

Système Application Surfaces Techno Type Personnes Labo Dates Publications
ActiveDesk Bricks H EM TT Fitzmaurice, Ishii, Buxton Univ. Toronto, MIT 1995-1997 [3]
MetaDesk Tangible GeoSpace H EM W Ullmer, Ishii MIT 1997 [15]
SenseTable H EM TT Patten, Ishii, Hines, Pangaro MIT 2000-2002 [9]
Audiopad H EM TT Patten, Recht, Ishii MIT 2002 [10]
IP Network
Design Workbench
H+V EM TT Koyabashi, Hirano, Ishii, Narita MIT 2003 [7]
Disaster Simulation H+V EM TT Koyabashi, Narita, Hirano, Kase,
Tsuchida, Omi, Kakizaki, Hosokawa
MIT 2006-... [8]
Caretta H RFID W Sugimoto, Hosoi, Hashizume Univ. Tokyo 2004-... [13]
VIP H+V EM+V TT Aliakseyeu, Martens,
Rauterberg, Subramanian
TUE 2000-... [1]
BUILD-IT H+V V TT Fjeld, Rauterberg ETH Zurich, TUE 1998-2001 [4]
Urban Planning
Worbench (URP)
H V W Ishii, Underkoffler, Chak, Piper,
Ben-Joseph, Yeung, Kanji
MIT 2002 [5]
ReacTIVsision ReacTable (Musique) H V TT Jorda, Geiger, Alonso, Kaltenbrunner Barcelone 2003-... [6]
Illuminating Clay H S W Piper, Ratti, Ishii MIT 2002 [11]
Phoxel Space H S W Ratti, Wang, Piper, Ishii, Biderman MIT 2004 [12]
Diorama Table H V TT Takahashi, Sasada Japan Electronic College 2005-... [14]
Audio D-touch H V TT Costanza, Shelley University of York 2005 [2]
PhotoLens H TT (Fluidum project) Munich 2007 [17]
PhotoHelix H TT (Fluidum project) Munich 2006 [16]

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